30 Day Art Challenge!

Whew! With a couple of hours to spare, I’ve completed the thirty 8×10″ paintings for this year’s 30 Day Art Challenge.

all 30 smI chose to paint burlesque girls for the entire 30 pieces. I wanted to use a lot of color, make some cheerful, sassy and frilly art, and well, the research is just plain fun!

all paintingsWhile for most of the pieces I used bits and pieces of photo reference, I also got the amazing opportunity to paint Lolo Ramone, who visited my studio and modeled for five paintings! She came prepared with a Mary Poppin’s bag of props: parasols, garter-belts, corsets, hair accessories a boa and an exquisite burnt velvet tasseled robe.

tiny burlesque 11

Some pieces, while perhaps not exactly “burlesque” took a more circus-y theme. Perhaps a side effect of really getting into the current season of American Horror Story. This strong woman is one of my favorites!tiny burlesque 10

Lolo Ramone.

tiny burlesque 9

Um, Sherlock?

tiny burlesque 8


tiny burlesque 7

Snake Charmer.

tiny burlesque 6

“Moira” A sea-faring beauty.

tiny burlesque 5


tiny burlesque 4


tiny burlesque 3

“Suzy Spacegirl”

tiny burlesque 2

This is pretty much what my studio’s looked like for the past couple weeks: it needs a tidying super bad.studio

My pieces, along with the collections of over 100 other artists (!! That equals over 3000 separate art pieces!!) will be on show for one night only, mark your calendars! December 4th, during the Pioneer Square artwalk, from 5-10pm. Art will all be priced the same at $50, and will sell off the walls, so be sure to get there early so you don’t miss out! 🙂 Hope to see you there.

30 day art challenge will

Mignon’s Finished Raven

mignon's tattooHere is the finished Raven tattoo commissioned by Mignon! She had it done at Spidermonkey Tattoo in Olympia, WA. It turned out beautifully, and I’m so proud to have been able to help her design it. You can see details of the original drawing here.

Happy All Hallows’ Eve! ~ and Bezango!

I found this old gem in the files, a drawing from 2003 (!) of one of my personal heroes, the late Jim Varney. Halloween always makes me think of him, mostly because of the film, Ernest Scared Stupid. God, I love his face! Happy Halloween, everyone!

On another note entirely, there is a full-length documentary in the works: “Bezango, WA” – chronicling the art, history and lives of prominent Pacific Northwest cartoonists & comic artists. Among several famous cartoonists and big names, Kevin Boze and I were honored to be interviewed for this film.

Here is their Kickstarter Campaign. Head over to check it out, maybe help out, and watch a trailer in which we all appear. How cool is that? I can’t wait to see the finished production!


A small army of cups (preparing for PRFM)

In preparation for this summer’s Punk Rock Flea Market, besides stocking up on prints, cards, postcards and stickers I’ve been drawing on cups like crazy.

Escher-inspired polyhedra

A space cup (among a few), and one featuring photoplankton

Of course, have to have one with a cicada (pill bug teacup to the right).

And some little disembodied heads.

Are you getting excited? I am! The talented Ania B. Alyson of PaperCutWorks/Baltica and Jenny Dantes of Inferno Creations will both be there as well. 5 more days!!

Seattle Square Market! And Shrinky Dink process

The Seattle Square Market starts tomorrow night! A craft-flea-vintage-food-extravaganza that will be happening throughout the summer on every non-first Thursday. I’ll be there tomorrow, from 4-9pm, at my booth with octopus-girl necklaces and greeting cards. Also make sure to see Ania’s beautiful work, as she will be there as well. 🙂

As I’ve been doing so much shrinky-dinking, I thought I’d post some process pictures:

First, pencil sketch: notice it’s on a full sheet of 8.5×11″ paper – the largest I can go with the shrinkable sheets that I have!

Next, it is traced directly onto the plastic sheet with sharpie:

Here’s the finished cut out piece, ready for the oven:

…And mid-bake, warping like crazy:

And the finished product!