Shuki Kato, origami artist!

Who is this beautiful man? I don’t usually do posts on boys, but this immensely talented origami artist is my brother, Shuki!

Look at what he does! (An ohmu from Miyazaki’s epic manga series¬†and following anime: Nausicaa):

His original designed origami models are now available in his freshly opened etsy store, here:

Spread atlas beetle

Shuki’s been doing origami, the art of folding a traditionally square piece of paper, no folding or cutting, since he was nine. He’s devoured just about every origami manual available, and has long ago graduated from following the steps system of folding to be able to fold a model directly from looking at a crease pattern… for example:

This turns into this:

If you’d like to see more of his work, he also has a flickr and deviantart account:

And don’t forget to support him at his shop:

Origami Master: Shuki Kato

I’m going to take a moment here to brag about my disgustingly talented brother. Here’s a little video showing off his original design: the Zoanoid Dragon (version 2)!

Shuki has been doing origami for around 15 years now, and started designing his own models since he was nine years old! Version 2 of the Zoanoid Dragon is his most recent creation.

(Zoanoid Dragon version 1)

Eva 1 from the popular anime series: Evangelion.

Shuki has many more pictures on his flickr account here: which I highly recommend checking out!

wabi sabi blogger girls and origami

Here is the start of a small collection, inspired by the fashion blogger girls, many of whom exhibit the subtlety and reserve that I associate with wabi sabi. If you don’t know them already, let me introduce you!
Kate, of All this Happiness, has a beautiful eye for vintage and textures and patterns and all that good stuff.
This girl, author of Park and Cube… I love her hair, her lack of makeup, her quietness.

Natalia, of Fashion Rubies. This picture is so old-fashioned and romantic.

This girl, author of Ringo have a Banana, is so playful and cheery with her outfits and props. I want more people who don’t take themselves too seriously!

Elenita’s blog, My Window, is written both in Norwegian and English. I wish I were bilingual.

Anyways, I just saw Coraline, and was devastated by how sad and poignant and fragile it all was. Robert J. Lang constructed the dragonflies, which my brother probably will really appreciate. His origami work is amazing, see him here:

Shuki Galen Kato

Dragonflies remind me of mayflies, they only live for a day, to mate and to die. And then I’m reminded of Cicadas, which stay in pupae form for 17 years only to live for a few weeks.

How admirable!
to see lightening and not think
life is fleeting.