Cat Bones, Bug Pendants, Patches… and the Punk Rock Flea Market!


bones 01

The story behind these bones: a couple of weeks ago while at the beach Amber and I went up and were walking the train tracks, hoping to find bits of scrap metal, pretty stones or cool shells. We found pretty much none of the above, but did hit the motherload in this incredible little pile of vertebrae, ribs, teeth and the back of what we’ve determined is – a cat – skull.

bones 02

We weren’t prepared for this treasure trove, so the only place we could put them was in our pockets, covered in dirt and a little hair (ewww, still grosses me out a bit – we couldn’t wash our hands enough after!). After taking them home, they were boiled, washed and scrubbed with antibacterial soap, and treated with a clear acrylic seal. Then we used nearly ever bone we found and attached them to delicate silver and brass chains, adding a few little beads here and there. Ugh, I’m not usually into the morbid jewelry, but I love these so much!

bones 03

Here is what we’ve determined is the back of the skull. Had to look that bit up!

bones 07

bones 09

Here’s what helped us determine what kind of animal this is: the cutest little teeth (also, little claws, but we’ve yet to use those)! Here they are sealed in resin pendants to wear close to your heart:

bones 08

Something else I’ve been up to: making more shrinky-dink jewely, this time of cicadas, hawk moths, beetles and wasps! Oh, and I’m also so proud of this little shadow box I made in which I can pin them and keep them safe:

bugs 01

bugs 02

I drew out the designs first in pencil so I could trace them right onto the plastic with a sharpie:

bugs 03

bugs 04

bugs 05

bugs 06

Okay: last thing, I promise! Some little rubber-stamped patches (of one of my little girls’ skulls).

patches 01

patches 02

patches 03

patches 04

patchese 06


All this will be with me at the Punk Rock Flea Market tomorrow, Saturday June 8th. It goes from noon to 10 pm at 2407 1st Ave, downtown Seattle. Live music, food, beer,  lots of vintage and handmade goods and fantastic people. What’s not to love? This is my favorite market, and I’m so excited for tomorrow. Hope to see you there!

Giveaway! Crafty book: Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk!

Yay!! Who wants free stuff? Crafty free stuff? Book-ish free stuff?

I have an extra copy of the book: “Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk!” by Kathy Sheldon, published by Lark Crafts, that needs a home! This book is a handy guide to making your own shrinky-dink jewelry, with over 30 unique projects created by 16 different artists (of which I am one!).

Artists featured: Jodie Anna, Elizabeth Baddeley, Anna Boksenbaum, Tamara Berb, Stasia Burrington (that’s me!), Heather Davidson, Jalene Hernández, Cathe Holden, Dana Holscher, Erin Inglis, Donna Mallard, Tonia MO, Jessica Poundstone, Stacey Rawlings, Cynthia Shaffer and Morgan Shooter.

By next week I will mail out this book along with two pieces of shrinky-dink plastic to one lucky person! How can it be you? Simply leave a comment here with the craziest thing you can think of that you would make/do with a piece of shrinky dink plastic, along with the best way to reach you. Anyone can enter.

On Friday, Oct. 12th I’ll pick a random winner! Good luck, and happy weekend!

Finished batch of Shrinky-Dink Necklaces!

Tears for MothsIn Your HandsHead full of Stars

Seattle Square Market! And Shrinky Dink process

The Seattle Square Market starts tomorrow night! A craft-flea-vintage-food-extravaganza that will be happening throughout the summer on every non-first Thursday. I’ll be there tomorrow, from 4-9pm, at my booth with octopus-girl necklaces and greeting cards. Also make sure to see Ania’s beautiful work, as she will be there as well. 🙂

As I’ve been doing so much shrinky-dinking, I thought I’d post some process pictures:

First, pencil sketch: notice it’s on a full sheet of 8.5×11″ paper – the largest I can go with the shrinkable sheets that I have!

Next, it is traced directly onto the plastic sheet with sharpie:

Here’s the finished cut out piece, ready for the oven:

…And mid-bake, warping like crazy:

And the finished product!

shrinky dink jewelry – girls of the sea

It’s shrinky-dink time! I’ve been busy crafting jewelry for the San Diego Comicon that’s fast approaching! This means sharpies, x-acto-ing, baking and little jewelry pliers! I’ve been trying to make larger pendants, which means making drawings that measure around 5″x8″ to start, before the massive shrinking that occurs in the oven.