Snake Girl


Here is the piece I created for Giant Robot’s Year of the Snake show! Pencil, sumi and acrylic ink.Image

Feb 2 – 20th, 2013

Opening Reception:
Saturday, Feb 2, 2013
6:30 – 10:00 PM
2062 Sawtelle Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90025

Featuring: Rob Sato, Ako Castuera, Aaron Woes, Jeremiah Ketner, Michael Hsiung, Hiro Hayashi, Christine Wu, Jeff McMillan, Cristina Paolos, Mari Naormi, Joe To, Gosha Levochkin, Kohei Yamashita, Theo Ellsworth, Stella Hultberg, Luke Chueh, Deth P. Sun, Jon Lau, Sara Saedi, Dionne Bang, Yoskay Yamamoto, Edwin Ushiro, Audrey Kawasaki, Miso, Sean Chao, Martin Hsu, Bubi Au Yeung, Joe Hahn, Heidi Hahn, Mu Pan, Jen Tong, Pam Henderson, Stasia Burrington, Eleanor Davis, Kio Griffith, Silvio Porreta, Susie Ghahremani, Andrice Arp, Jeni Yang, Diem Chau, Andrew Hem, Shawn Cheng, Nao Harada, Aaron Brown, Ryuji Oguni, Ken Taya, Saelee Oh, Jeremiah La Torre, Wayne Johnson, Mari Inukai, Shihori Nakayama, Elliot Brown, Kerry Horvath, APAK, Sana Park + More

Yakuzabot!! Process photos

Introducing: Yakuzabot!! Here, looking super-naked before his intensive tattoo session. He will become part of the Giant Robot Biennal 3 Remix Project at the Japanese-American National Museum later this month. I was fortunate enough to be one of 80+ artists to be sent two figurines, a David Horvath uglydoll and the giant robot figure, to re-paint for the show.

Here are the dolls before being primed: I’ll update soon with what’s happening to this homely pink fellow (spoilers: a sex change)!

Here is Yakuzabot in the beginning stages of getting his backpiece done: vain guy, of course he wanted an image of himself fighting off a dragon!

I’m using sumi ink on top of acrylic paint here, kind of a weird combination, so we’ll see how this ends up. I’ll definitely need to treat him to a spray-fixitive shower to set the ink.

Okay! That’s it for today! He still needs a little touching up, some pencil marks erased, and a few coats of spray fixitive, but he was eager to show off his new irizumi!

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GR2 Year of the Dragon show

Here’s the official flyer for the Year of the Dragon GR2 show! I’m sad I can’t make it down there, but if any of you are in LA around that time, try to check it out as I’m sure it’ll be jam-packed with amazing work by equally amazing artists!!

Click here to read more about the show and about the Giant Robot magazine/gallery!