The Potluck – children’s book #1

For nearly as long as I can remember to the question of “what do you want to be when you grow up?” my answer’s been: “a children’s book illustrator.” You know, for the money, the fame, etc. Really, though, I was raised on fairy tales and nightly reading, and the art in children’s books will probably always be one of my major influences.

So when, two years ago Elizabeth Dixon List approached me and asked if I were interested in collaborating with her on her first children’s book, I leapt at the chance and after several meetings, proofs, variations and edits, the finished product is now here! My first copies are in the mail to me right now, and I’m waiting to hold them in my hands. Maybe then it’ll feel real; I’m so excited!

the potluck

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The Potluck is the story of a girl named Tessa, a young girl with very unique friends. On days when Tessa needs extra cheer, she invites her friends over for a potluck dinner. As each friend arrives at the door, we learn what makes them special and how we can keep them safe. Children will love learning about the diverse animals in this book, and can even help prepare some of the dishes by following the recipes in the back! Most importantly, children will learn how they can make a difference for endangered animals all over the world.

Here are just a couple of sneak peeks!!

the potluck 3the potluck 4

Walker the Gray Wolf. So handsome!

Those of you who know me or have followed my work know that I have some rather adult (*ahem) work under my belt (*AHEM). Between the Virgin Project I and II, Blow Each other Away, Cuffed, Tied and Satisfied, and my involvement over the years with SEAF, I’ve decided that for children’s books I’m taking on a nom de plume (sooo cool, it’s like a disguise! Shhhh). Yukika Kato is the combination of my middle and maiden names, so really, not too clever – but I think pretty neat sounding.

So!! Without further ado, here is the culmination of two years of collaboration between author Elizabeth Dixon List and wholesome children’s book illustrator (!) Yukika Kato:

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the potluck 2

Our little “about the author/illustrator” blurb:

Elizabeth Dixon List has a passion for animal advocacy and inspiring children to change the world. She lives in Issaquah, Washington with her husband, daughter, stepson, two codependent dogs, and one cat that thinks he’s a dog. In a perfect world, she would have at least ten more animals. Yukika Kato was born in Texas, grew up in Montana, and now lives and works in SeaTac, WA with her favorite man and two cats. She spends nearly all her time painting, drinking coffee, and napping.

>>> I will update you guys once I have the hard copy in my hands! Till then, stay warm (or cool, you Southern Hemispherists!) and cozy.

black moors

This will be the new star of the children’s book a good friend of mine and I are working on.