Yakuzabot!! Process photos

Introducing: Yakuzabot!! Here, looking super-naked before his intensive tattoo session. He will become part of the Giant Robot Biennal 3 Remix Project at the Japanese-American National Museum later this month. I was fortunate enough to be one of 80+ artists to be sent two figurines, a David Horvath uglydoll and the giant robot figure, to re-paint for the show.

Here are the dolls before being primed: I’ll update soon with what’s happening to this homely pink fellow (spoilers: a sex change)!

Here is Yakuzabot in the beginning stages of getting his backpiece done: vain guy, of course he wanted an image of himself fighting off a dragon!

I’m using sumi ink on top of acrylic paint here, kind of a weird combination, so we’ll see how this ends up. I’ll definitely need to treat him to a spray-fixitive shower to set the ink.

Okay! That’s it for today! He still needs a little touching up, some pencil marks erased, and a few coats of spray fixitive, but he was eager to show off his new irizumi!

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