Shuki Kato, origami artist!

Who is this beautiful man? I don’t usually do posts on boys, but this immensely talented origami artist is my brother, Shuki!

Look at what he does! (An ohmu from Miyazaki’s epic manga series and following anime: Nausicaa):

His original designed origami models are now available in his freshly opened etsy store, here:

Spread atlas beetle

Shuki’s been doing origami, the art of folding a traditionally square piece of paper, no folding or cutting, since he was nine. He’s devoured just about every origami manual available, and has long ago graduated from following the steps system of folding to be able to fold a model directly from looking at a crease pattern… for example:

This turns into this:

If you’d like to see more of his work, he also has a flickr and deviantart account:

And don’t forget to support him at his shop:

Knees in eyes, flowers and panties

knees in eyes


red panties

pencil, coffee, sumi ink and watercolors.

Ginko Girl

Sumi ink, watercolor and fabric dye on Japanese rice paper.

The Secret Yakuza Boys!

Judging by how seldom I draw the other gender, these little boys are way overdue: counterparts to the secret yakuza girls – enjoy!!

available as 8×10 prints in the etsy shop!

The irezumi artists

Two more of the finished shunga drawings: these ones are more conservative and don’t need little blurred censor bubbles! Interestingly, there are very few shunga showing full nudity, as seeing the opposite sex nude in public baths was common and therefore not as big a deal as in the west. Only seeing little flashes of skin (the nape of the neck, for example) was considered much more erotic. The traditional full-body irezumi tattoo gives the illusion of clothing, so, seemingly contradictory,  also works in this less-is-more fashion.