Artist Crush: Hellen Jo

She is so cool.


Her super-saturated colors, watercolor washes, badass girls and incredible lines. UGH! See more here.

Modern Myths for Cool Kids

ImageI was recently invited to illustrate some poems for London based poet Shane Solanki, here are three from his current collection Modern Myths for Cool Kids. So sweet! ImageImage

Little Drawings to start off the new year

Finally got a chance to sit down and finish some little pieces I’ve been putting off in lieu of working on commissioned pieces – here they are!

‘splitting headache’ – I’ve never had headaches worth complaining about until twice this last year, both times while returning from a trip via plane – the only thing I can think of is the pressure change (if there is one?) during landing. Maybe because they’re so new, or maybe becauuse I just don’t know how to properly handle pain, but I seem to be able to remove myself from my head and just look at it as being an incredibly surreal sensation. Like pins being stuck into a raw wound. I’m glad this isn’t a regular happening.

‘rising sun’


‘pink skin’ – either she’s sunburnt (a joke, living in Seattle), or she’s part little piggy.

‘flower stigmata’ – for this one I broke out the rarely used gold ink!

drawing on plates

*sniffle* It’s that time of year: I’ve caught a cold. Luckily I’m done with arts/craft shows for now, and have quarantined myself off at home, drinking lots of chicken broth, watching forensics TV and getting to all the little projects I haven’t had time for till now: things I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, like drawing on little plates and cups!

About a week ago I came home from the thrift store with a goodly little pile of teacups and saucers, and stopped at Michaels to find what was the only type of ceramics paint and markers they currently have:

Pebeo Porcelain 150 paint and markers.

After painting and leaving to dry for 24 hours (15 if you’re me, and impatient), you bake your pieces in a 300F oven for 35 minutes to set. Now they are foodsafe, as well as microwave and dishwasher-resilient. Though I have neither, so I’m going to have to get friends to test those theories out.

“Tentacle Baby”

“Where we Overlap”

“The Sleepers” mug: oh, so cozy!

“I’m not Crying, it’s just Raining… on my Face!”

“Red Petals”

“Hot Pink Freckles”

Alrighty! That stack of still-blank plates is calling! Happy Sunday!!

Holiday Greetings!

Introducing: this year’s holiday cards! I have friends who celebrate all types of stuff during the colder months (all in the Northern hemisphere, now that I think about it)… if nothing more than being able to cuddle up with cups of cocoa/coffee/tea, blankets and your favorite people. As someone prone to cold fingers and toes, being able to stay warm is such a wonderful thing. 🙂

These are packaged up in sets of 5 and ready to go! Up in the shop here. I’ve been busy getting ready for some holiday craft shows coming up… I’ll be sharing a booth with my good friend Amber of RothrocknFrames at both the Bizarre Bazaar Dec. 4th and the Punk Rock Flea Market Holidaze Show Dec. 10th.

Stay warm!!