Walnut ink and gentle intentions

Happy 2016!! This evening I’m going to go hang my first show of the new year, a collection of pieces I created in the last couple of weeks, trying a little something new.

Flying Apron Bakery in Fremont! Gluten-free! I don’t follow a gluten-free diet, but I know you might!

3510 Fremont Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98103

I’m working on cream paper, with walnut and sumi ink, and cut flowers from a new batch of fabric that I recently procured from some local fabric shops. While working on these pieces, I’ve been mulling over my intentions for the new year.

I don’t have new years resolutions per se, but I will be focusing on being more mindful, in both work and in my non-work life. These last few years I’ve been so entrenched in my art life, and while I am in love with it, I tend to gloss over other areas in need of attention, and let things get all lop-sided.

If you’re like me and are an artist/freelancer/are self-employed, especially early on – you know how easy it is to become a workaholic. There’s always the fear in the back of your head that if you stop working, even for a day, the momentum will evaporate and your livelihood will shrivel up (like all those little plants you forget to water. Gone forever!). In this rush it’s easy to fall into habits, good or bad, and it’s hard to step back and reassess. I’m going to be doing more stepping back, more spending time with those I love, more focused art-exploration/experimentation and *ahem* I SWEAR this aligns with my motivations – playing more Fallout 4.

I hope this year for you is better than any you can remember. I’ll keep you updated on mine, and I hope to hear about yours. 🙂

I love this post by Martha of the Freedom Experiment: 55 gentle ways to take care of yourself when you’re busy busy busy

And Anna from And then We Saved: 134 Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness

Art Binge! Girls, Flowers, Stars and Moons.

Image heavy!!

The last week has been full of art-making, and I’m about to hang a show up at the Mecca Cafe (526 Queen Anne Ave. – just a couple of blocks from the studio!) – which will run through September. This weekend is going to be busy, what with Bumbershoot (which, sadly, I won’t be attending) and the Penny Arcade Expo (which I will!). The last few days, between drinking coffee, yoga classes, drinking coffee and kicking Nick’s ass at tennis (sorry, Love! Haha… not really), I set myself the task of creating ten new original pieces.

Cotton Candy II WIP

Here are some close-ups of some of the drawings before any fabric flowers were added:

Leggy Leggy Leggy Leggy WIP

Violet Blue WIP

End of August WIP

And in the process of being decorated:

Getting Dark WIP

Luna Two 2

I tried something new and kept it super simple with these three pieces, simple planetary orbs. I (like every other kid growing up in the 80s and early 90s) wanted to grow up and become an astronaut, and these pieces let me pretend that’s what happened. They’re large in size for me (22″x30″), but now I want to go even bigger!! Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to buy enormous sheets/rolls of paper?

Luna One 2

Luna Three 3


Tube of Momo! This is her favorite nap-spot, in the best-lit corner of the studio, on top of a large pad of sketch paper.

Powder Blue WIP 2Powder Blue, in progress.

framed pieces

Some of the work, framed. Don’t the moons look lovely? I just want to keep them for myself! I imagine there will be more in the near future. 🙂 Whew! Thanks for sticking it through if you’ve made it this far. I’m super excited about these pieces, and will be now crashing into some sort of Sci-fi movie marathon (for research, of course!). I hope you have an awesome weekend. 🙂

Bitter, Sweet & Slightly Dirty – Show at the Twilight Gallery!

bitter sweet & slightly dirty 2

I’m thrilled [and proud!] to announce that this month I will be showing work at the Twilight Gallery in West Seattle! Co-owner Tracy Cilona got a hold of me a few months back asking if I’d be interested, and after meeting her and seeing the space, I absolutely had to say yes!

“Bitter, Sweet & Slightly Dirty” is a collection of both larger flower collage-portraits and tiny, slighty-sad cute girl drawings, covering my two intensive interests from the past four years.

The show runs through the whole month of July, but the PARTY {which you should come to!} is on July 11th, from 6-9 pm. There will be busking by Whisky Bliss, tea-leaf reading by Kate Ryan, a beautiful zine display by Kook Tephlon, mandala window istallation by Sarah Barrick – all amongst the beautiful collection of wares which is the boutique bit of “Twilight Gallery & Boutique.” Go here: 4306 SW Alaska St., Seattle, WA. Oh, and there’s free parking. Whaat??

Here are some peeks at new work that is currently on the walls:

bare leg weather 3

“Bare Leg Weather”

 eyes to knees 6

“Eyes to Knees”

being small sm

“Being Small”

purple 5


Artist Statement

My responsibility as an artist is to create work that fills an emotional need, and to inspire curiosity and reflection. I need to make visually pleasing and accessible work that also has a little edge. My intent is to create something sober, pleasing, and melancholic – and to show that sadness is necessary and in concert with joy: I am after the bittersweet. I want people to connect to the work, have an emotional reaction to it – an appreciation for the sensuality of the subject matter. I want to remind the viewer of their own imperfections, their own mortality… their own beauty.

I feel a responsibility to continue the tradition of figurative drawing, as an exercise of self-awareness, criticism and appreciation for craftsmanship. I am drawing from the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi which – to put it very simply – values imperfection, impermanence, and incompletion. I make an effort to use raw, degradable materials such as paper, charcoal and unfinished wood in my pieces to ensure that they are susceptible to the beauty that comes with age. I cherish the pencil, brush and ink because of their simplicity, versatility and sensuality. The limited palate is capable of a beautiful, rich array of grays: deep, understated, melancholy. The paper and cotton I choose to work on are both delicate and strong, textured and smooth, utilitarian and cheap. We come into contact with these things every day, and to value these materials is to work on an appreciation of the mundane – an appreciation of daily experience.

I reject the traditional figure-ground relationship, omit a horizon – even a ground line – and place my figures within a strictly 2-dimensional space. My girls are at once isolated in the center of their own universes – and interconnected to the smattering of floating, ephemeral objects by which they are surrounded. Loneliness is such a big deal to me. Everybody gets it.

I am obsessed with skin. It’s this weird complex ugly beautiful bag which contains and separates ‘us’ from everything else. Body modification – specifically modifying the skin by inking or puncturing – is to redefine and rewrite our relationship with the world. I am interested in this artificial outline with which we separate ourselves from an imaginary exterior: this outline which separates person – from flower – from insect – from star – from me – and from you.

My drawings are visual poems. Pretty, bittersweet, and slightly dirty – love poems.


Whoo! Okay, snapping back out of art-school mode! Seriously though, this show looks so great in the space, I am so happy with the collection of girls I have gathered into one room, and it would mean the world to me to see you there. Till then!


Art Walk Tomorrow! One day only – Nature Consortium!!

Tomorrow, Thursday March 14th, it’s the one-day only Art Walk show at Seattle’s Nature Consortium – 4210 SW Oregon St., Seattle, WA 98116, from 6-9pm. There will be food, music, and art! Come visit!


One Week till Spring


Favorite Sheets




Peachy Hug

In other news, it’s been one whole day without an accident here at the StasiaB Studios! Stupid little someone was feeling all great, a week having past since the crash, when trying to don my stiff, non-stretchy peacoat I re-snapped the collarbone – what a terrible {read: painful} surprise! Good to know for the future – even though it’s feeling fine doesn’t mean it actually is. Hrmph. Ah well! I’ll be at the Art Walk tomorrow for a few hours – come out and see me!!