The Tarot Deck

Drumroll, please….tarot 03

I’ve created a tarot deck! This was actually a custom project for a man in New York, who over the course of the year waited patiently while I slowly worked on this project – something I’ve wanted to do for ages, but finally was asked to, so I couldn’t put it off any longer! This is a 22-card deck, of the Major Arcana.

tarot 04

Painted on watercolor paper with Windsor & Newton Inks and watercolor paint, backed with thin, thin sheets of wood and painted with gold detailing on the backs and edges.

tarot 05

I tried not to cling too tightly to the symbolism of classic decks, though did pick and choose some odds and ends that I do like.

tarot 17

tarot 24

tarot 09

tarot 10

tarot 11

tarot 12

tarot 20

tarot 21

tarot 22

tarot 26

tarot 27

tarot 29

tarot 32

I am super proud of this deck and sadly sent it off in the mail just a few days ago. I plan on creating a reproduction deck, if only to have one for myself, but possibly to sell, too. ūüôā

Oh my goodness. Massive updates coming.

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted something new! Ack!! Part of this is because I’m working on a new website and trying to get this blog to transfer over (, but I keep getting frustrated then become happily distracted by work and play and… phff, who has the time to sync websites? I’ll do it later. Here’s what’s new!

1. I got to be a hand model! Definitely going on my resume. The super talented Kim Merritt of Gritty Jewelry created a line of rings from those tiny ceramic animals that used to come in Red Rose Tea boxes. Did your grandma have them? Mine did. I remember the camel, specifically, though Kim doesn’t have one of those. Made with fine sterling silver, she does have: an owl, wolf, raccoon, duck, lioness, hen, and cock. Yup. I got to model the cock ring.


The shoot was set up outside Twilight gallery, and was 1950’s tea party themed. Though I did my best, and felt pretty grown up and ladylike while curling my hair and applying makeup, I was clearly upstaged by these two gorgeous women.

gritty jewelry

The rings in tiny teacups and saucers! Party was complete with doilies, cookies, fruit and the tiniest of lemon wedges!


Look! Tea parties are so fun (though these cups are so unrealistic. I need one at least 10x larger)!

2. I got to design a really amazing tattoo for a really amazing woman, with a quite personal meaning. Roni at 522 Tattoo here in Seattle did the actual tattooing.

roots tattoo final sm

tattoo 3

3. I’m still printing panties! They now come in pink, red and black. I am about to order underwear for all of the men out there – stay tuned!!

pussy panties 7

4. I have been picking stuff off the ground. More specifically, assorted minerals off of the side of a mountain about an hour’s drive from home. (!!) Many of the bigger ones are hanging out on windowsills, while some of the smaller ones are being made into little pendants or earrings, hanging out in assorted pockets, or under furniture if they’ve happened to be found by either of the cats.


5. On one hiking expedition, we kept finding perfect, isolated wings. Which of course I picked up and took home just to arrange in a square and photograph. Hopefully something more constructive, later, when I can find out how to put them into jewelry or art or … something. They’re so pretty and fragile on their own, they’re currently sitting in a wooden box, waiting to become part of something else.


6. It’s blackberry season! I’ve been picking them for a couple of weeks, eating them and making jam. So, there’s a good reason this photo doesn’t include more of the kitchen… I mean, um, my kitchen’s spotless! I’m a proficient homemaker! Trust me! jam

7. I’m working on a number of custom commissioned paintings, which have to stay secret for now. It’s driving me crazy that I can’t share them with you – yet.

8. New shirts are up in the shop! Hand stamped kitty and skull V-neck tank tops in mint, grey and midnight blue. I’ve had them for a couple of weeks, but today Nick finally had enough time to help me take photos.

  shirt - green kitty 1

Mint green… and with the black kitties, this one rather reminds me of my favorite ice cream.

We take pictures right outside of our apartment building, the whole while listening to Momo meow at us from the livingroom window. She has separation anxiety. So we made it quick.


shirt - grey kitty 3

These shirts have prints on both the front and the back.

shirt - blue skull 3

9. I am so lucky to be able to be spending this outrageously hot and beautiful summer with so many of my favorite people. This is mostly why this update’s been so hefty, and long in coming. It feels like every moment I’m not working, I’m able to be out adventuring, or stay in and get some super-needed relaxing in. For all my people who are here and making me so happy, I am impossibly grateful. And for those of you who aren’t here right now, and who I miss all the time, the same goes for you, just as much.

Up to Lately – Holiday shows, Post-It art and Painting flags on my Furniture. Naturally.

It’s been busy in the little Bellevue studio lately! Last weekend’s etsyRAIN Holiday Show was fantastic, I met lots of awesome local vendors, and tons of fun, beautiful people. Thanks to everyone who came by! Now I’m getting ready for this Saturday’s December 1st Bizarre Bazaar. It’s only four hours long, takes place in the beautiful Om Culture studio, and packed with incredibly creative and quirky vendors. Do come by!

On another note, here are the drawings I did on post-it notes for¬†Giant Robot’s¬†Post-It Show, taking place from December 8th-16th. Yet again I wish I could fly¬†down to San Francisco. There are so many artists, all¬†post-its are $25 a piece, and the show is cash-and-carry. Yay for affordable art!

Between prepping for shows, packing and shipping off etsy orders, working on commissions and trying to stay bathed and fed, a couple of days ago we took Momo to the vet to get spayed. She’s been such an obnoxious,¬†horny nightmare!¬†I didn’t anticipate this, but the idea of surgery turned me into a nervous wreck. When I went to pick her up after dropping her off eight (yes, eight!) hours prior, she was still drugged up, confused and pretty pathetic. Her eyes were super dilated, yes – making her the cutest ever – but¬†she could focus on anything, and because of the pain-killers probably didn’t feel it when she ran head-long into table legs. Kiki was pissed and freaked out, thinking I’d brought home Momo’s zombie-clone.

I don’t know how you people do it with kids. I can barely handle the stress of taking care of a pet! Now, two days later, she’s calmed down, and is currently sleeping next to our bed, under the coffee table:

Mostly due to the stress of the vet visit, I took a day off from work yesterday. Here is how I spent it: long bath, shaved the legs (special treat, no joke!), painted toenails, hung some newly acquired art, much time sapped by pinterest and windowshopping on etsy (did you know they have gift cards now? Too cool Рand yes, please!), and then, I decied to do this:

Yup. Union Jack dresser!! I’ve been wanting to do this since we picked it up from a guy for free via craigslist earlier this year –¬†sans handles and half-primed, and finally got to it! If you’re gonna do something like this yourself, plan on it taking around four hours. I used acrylic, and now it only needs a clearcoat.

Wow! Apologies for the lack of continuity here – I’ve been pretty scatterbrained lately – but I have to share this with you too! A few days ago I stumbled across this great post by Anna of And then WE SAVED: 56 Things to Do instead of Spending Money. It’s a good little reminder that some of the most fun things to do happen outside of the mall. Okay, that’s it – I promise! Happy Thursday, everyone!

The 2013 Calendar is here! + a DIY set of monthly calandar blanks for you crafty people, you!

Whoo! I am in full-construction mode piecing together this year’s cute girl calendar, and here it is! They’re now up in the etsy shop, here, and of course will be with me at all the upcoming holiday craft shows in the next couple of months. I say this all the time, but I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by, and the holidays are just around the corner, along with all the cookie-making, mulled-wine, random gift-giving, and happy hibernation.

Every year when I make calendars, I scour the internet to see if I can find some simple, pretty monthly calendar blanks that I can download and use, never with much luck. Most free calendar blanks are kind of ugly, or not proportionate for my use, and I end up drawing my own out with my little brush and ink. This time I decided to whip some up in Photoshop, keep it simple, and share it with you guys, so you can make your own!

This is what they look like, all just in black and white, for you to color as you please. Also, there are no holidays, so you can add or ignore whichever ones you fancy.

Here is the download: 12 separate .jpgs.

2013 blank calendar months for you

Enjoy! I’d love to see what you guys can make with these.

Giveaway! Crafty book: Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk!

Yay!! Who wants free stuff? Crafty free stuff? Book-ish free stuff?

I have an extra copy of the book: “Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk!” by Kathy Sheldon, published by Lark Crafts, that needs a home! This book is a handy guide to making your own shrinky-dink jewelry, with over 30 unique projects created by 16 different artists (of which I am one!).

Artists featured: Jodie Anna, Elizabeth Baddeley, Anna Boksenbaum, Tamara Berb, Stasia Burrington (that’s me!), Heather Davidson, Jalene Hern√°ndez, Cathe Holden, Dana Holscher, Erin Inglis, Donna Mallard, Tonia MO, Jessica Poundstone, Stacey Rawlings, Cynthia Shaffer and Morgan Shooter.

By next week I will mail out this book along with two pieces of shrinky-dink plastic to one lucky person! How can it be you? Simply leave a comment here with the craziest thing you can think of that you would make/do with a piece of shrinky dink plastic, along with the best way to reach you. Anyone can enter.

On Friday, Oct. 12th I’ll pick a random winner! Good luck, and happy weekend!