More Sale-art!

So, last night I packed up three boxes of mugs. I may have a problem. We’ll likely be moving Memorial day weekend, and I am more excited for this move than I’ve been for one in a long, long time. It’s gotten so bad that I have been having dreams about it, and about altering the house Minecraft-style, deftly adding and removing blocks, complete with sound effects. Here is a sneak peek of the backyard, and yes, that is a treehouse. A future treehouse studio? Perhaps.

our house 13

Yesterday I put up some pages from my sketchbooks in the Etsy shop for purchase, to further facilitate our move. A lot of these are from last year’s Inktober challenge. Take a look-see! book face“Book Face” – sumi ink on Strathmore kraft drawing paper

burlesque 10-24 2 2

“Burlesque Girl 2” – ink on Strathmore kraft drawing paper

burlesque 10-24 3

“Burlesque Girl” – ink on Strathmore kraft drawing paper

kiki 3

“Kiki in the Studio” – sumi ink on Strathmore kraft drawing paperlegs 2

“Legs” – sumi ink on Strathmore kraft drawing paper

rain 3

“Rain” – sumi ink on Strathmore kraft paper SOLD. 🙂 Thank you!

 steve 3

“I Love Steve Buscemi” – sumi ink on Stonehenge kraft drawing paper  witch 2

“Witch” – sumi ink on Stonehenge kraft drawing paper

30 Day Art Challenge!

Whew! With a couple of hours to spare, I’ve completed the thirty 8×10″ paintings for this year’s 30 Day Art Challenge.

all 30 smI chose to paint burlesque girls for the entire 30 pieces. I wanted to use a lot of color, make some cheerful, sassy and frilly art, and well, the research is just plain fun!

all paintingsWhile for most of the pieces I used bits and pieces of photo reference, I also got the amazing opportunity to paint Lolo Ramone, who visited my studio and modeled for five paintings! She came prepared with a Mary Poppin’s bag of props: parasols, garter-belts, corsets, hair accessories a boa and an exquisite burnt velvet tasseled robe.

tiny burlesque 11

Some pieces, while perhaps not exactly “burlesque” took a more circus-y theme. Perhaps a side effect of really getting into the current season of American Horror Story. This strong woman is one of my favorites!tiny burlesque 10

Lolo Ramone.

tiny burlesque 9

Um, Sherlock?

tiny burlesque 8


tiny burlesque 7

Snake Charmer.

tiny burlesque 6

“Moira” A sea-faring beauty.

tiny burlesque 5


tiny burlesque 4


tiny burlesque 3

“Suzy Spacegirl”

tiny burlesque 2

This is pretty much what my studio’s looked like for the past couple weeks: it needs a tidying super

My pieces, along with the collections of over 100 other artists (!! That equals over 3000 separate art pieces!!) will be on show for one night only, mark your calendars! December 4th, during the Pioneer Square artwalk, from 5-10pm. Art will all be priced the same at $50, and will sell off the walls, so be sure to get there early so you don’t miss out! 🙂 Hope to see you there.

30 day art challenge will

Paintings on Wood! And a new show.

wip2I’ve been working with some new materials, specifically learning how to use different kinds of paint on wood panels. For acrylic, I’ve used clear gesso, but I really wanted to use watercolors, and anyone who’s tried laying watercolors on top of raw wood knows – yeah, that doesn’t work. At all.

So, up until a few days ago, I was using Daniel Smith’s tinted watercolor ground, which you can use the same way as gesso to lay a watercolor-able surface down on practically anything (wood, glass, metal, plastic – the possibilities!). On my most recent trip to the art supply store, I was turned onto the fact that a CLEAR watercolor ground exists. What? Yes.


I’d already primed a number of wooden panels, so half of these new pieces are on a solid background, and the other half – with the transparent watercolor ground – gasp (!) – takes full advantage of that wonderful wood grain.

I tried “maskoid” (liquid masking fluid) out on the watercolor ground to see if it would work the same as on paper, and it does! This is how I get little stars and dust-spots (or orbs, or what have you).

2 player game detail

2 player game sm

“Two-Player Game”ant sisters detail

“Ant Sisters”

ant sisters smI've always wanted a telescope sm


telescope smlucy sm“Lucy”

lucy detail mountain woman sm

“Mountain Woman”  wip  wip4

(This butterfly/moth girl is as of yet untitled. If you have any suggestions, please shoot!)

These pieces and a few more will be on display at Scratch Deli (1718 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122) – with the opening night being this Saturday, from 7-9. Hope to see you there!!

100 little faces – finished!!

Last night I finished the last of the 100 little faces ACEO paintings (above is #100 of 100)! Woohoo!!They are all titled, stamped, signed and dated on the back.Over this next week I’ll be photographing them individually and putting them up for sale in the etsy shop, here. Have a fantastic holiday weekend, you all!