Crafty crafty!

Just finished a new sheet of stickers, of a little collection of creative girls and their favorite things. Inked and watercolored, scanned and printed, laminated and cut-out!

I’ve been in a ridiculously crafty mood this past month or so, maybe because my baby sister’s living with us now: we’ve been making friendship bracelets, valentines, crocheting hats, and just this morning made a small mountain of heart-shaped rice crispy treats. Like I said, ridiculous.

On an unrelated note, how lucky am I to have not one, but two studio-kitties?!!

Also note Jeff Guerrero’s beautiful cup!

Chair hog.

New business cards!

Since the moo cards always run out so quickly, I decided to make a business card stamp of my own. Though a little labor intensive, I love the results! Now for the hard part: waiting for them to dry.

Oh! And here’s my number (wink).

I print the text off of the computer, as I still don’t have the dream typewriter that I’ve wanted … since forever.  This one, for example, would do nicely:

Though at just about the $800 mark, this one I’ll have to stash away in my fantasy folder (sigh). Till then, free downloadable typewriter fonts will have to suffice!