A small army of cups (preparing for PRFM)

In preparation for this summer’s Punk Rock Flea Market, besides stocking up on prints, cards, postcards and stickers I’ve been drawing on cups like crazy.

Escher-inspired polyhedra

A space cup (among a few), and one featuring photoplankton

Of course, have to have one with a cicada (pill bug teacup to the right).

And some little disembodied heads.

Are you getting excited? I am! The talented Ania B. Alyson of PaperCutWorks/Baltica and Jenny Dantes of Inferno Creations will both be there as well. 5 more days!!

Wedding Cups

A little while back I got to create a super-cute set of tea cups for a wedding gift. Their weekend ritual is to hang out in bed, drink tea, and spend time with each other and their puppy!

Tiny cups for tiny drinks!

I found these ultra-cute little espresso cups on my last visit to the thrift store, and couldn’t help but scoop them up. I normally pass by cups of this size, because, come on – who only drinks that much coffee?? These are the perfect size, however, for little deserts or liquer.

Also, I found this little beauty! At only around 3.5in across, this saucer is too cute. Perfect for a tall stack of cookies. 🙂

I’m too sad to separate

Above: The original “I’m too sad to separate” cup, created by Netherlands-based Joon&Jung Design. I recently stumbled across their “New I’m too sad to Separate” series, below, and had an immediate gut reaction to these beautiful pieces.

My obsession over cups is no secret. They’re so familiar, constant and intimate, and can be so beautiful.

There’s something weirdly painful about these designs – awkward, compromised utility – the solid cups become liquid, living objects.