“to bits and pieces” – solo show at CMD:P Gallery in Pioneer Square!!

Happy 2014!

{Warning – Image HEAVY!}

I’m a little late on this, but I currently have a show up at CMD:P Gallery down in Pioneer Square! The opening was last week, and I got to see lots of my favorite people, so thank you so much for making it by! If you didn’t get a chance to come see the space, the work will be up until the end of January. You can even just walk by and look through the windows!

This body of work was rather experimental – as usual it was under a time crunch, so I set parameters early: I found some amazing handmade watercolor paper at the Artists and Craftsman Supply store up in the University District – and picked up a pile of small pieces, and a few large ones. I had no idea what these were going to become, but two weeks later, and after destroying the studio, here are 12 new pieces! All done with charcoal, sumi ink, acrylic and of course, the cut-fabric flowers.

January Artwalk flyer

Chill sm

“Chill”Cluster sm

“Cluster”Collarbone sm

“Collarbone”cosmos sm

“Cosmos”Dahlia sm


Forearms sm

“Forearms”Forearms wip

Frost sm

“Frost”Fuscia sm“Fuschia”Lacquer sm

“Lacquer”Oh boy sm

“Oh Boy”Posey sm

“Posey”Russet sm


I rang in the new year with the first flu I’ve had in years and years, up to my ears in scraps of work and small projects. I’m very happy and can’t wait to see what happens next! I hope the start to your year was beautiful, and that it only gets better –

May Flowers {three new fabric collages}





“Blue Rose”





Here are the three most recent fabric collages I’ve been working on, all available for sale now in the shop, here.

Happy May!

All I want to do is sleep

Because it’s the middle of winter and I’m convinced I’m part bear.


But, you know, I’m a grown up now and at around 11am I get thirsty so do get out of bed. Yesterday I was SUPER grown up and cleaned the house. Today I made these. Little drawings this time, 5x7in, on the kraft paper with charcoal, ink and acrylic. Lazy Bones.






The small originals are all up in the shop here.

Are you (my Northern hemisphere friends) all having the same hibernating problem, or is it just me? How do you kick it? Or, how do you not stay in bed all day, especially when you have thick blankets and like, a million pillows, and your sweetheart makes you coffee in the morning so you don’t even have to get up?

Of course, this’d probably be different were I still a student or had a day job where I was expected somewhere at a certain hour. But then again, I’d probably be playing hookey.

Flower Face… and recent obsessions


January so far has been half-full of specific commission work (super exciting stuff that I’ll have to wait and share with you later!), and half-full of creating whatever I’d like for some shows coming up. This is the hardest part; coming up with content – ideas that feel good enough to soil a piece of lovely cream Stonehenge paper (so soft and creamy! I love it so). When I’m stuck for ideas I pore through old sketchbooks to remind myself of things I once thought were interesting. This is always kind of weird because it feels like they’re someone else’s drawings, like hearing your voice recorded and played back to you (do I really sounds like that? In my head my voice is much for confident and butch. Hmm). By mid-march I will be creating new work for two separate month-long Artwalk shows –

Saturday, March 9th                5000 20th Ave NW, Seattle

Thursday, March 14th
4210 SW Oregon St., Seattle

So, I’m trying out some new things, like acrylic on Stonehenge paper in conjunction with pencil and ink. It’s weird – I feel like these drawings are showing up and someone else made them. Not that that’s bad or good, just weird. Thinking of: flowers and lace and blood and weeds, black velvet and portraiture and napping.


Alright! Enough talk about art! Here’s what else is on my mind:

Current obsessions

  • our new bread machine (thanks, Grandma!!)
  • Die Antwoord
  • wearing lipstick and perfume and, a bra once in a while – generally acting like a girl
  • our space heater, and making makeshift kotatsus
  • ID documentaries, specifically Wicked Attractions and Missing

What’s on your mind?