Happy All Hallows’ Eve! ~ and Bezango!

I found this old gem in the files, a drawing from 2003 (!) of one of my personal heroes, the late Jim Varney. Halloween always makes me think of him, mostly because of the film, Ernest Scared Stupid. God, I love his face! Happy Halloween, everyone!

On another note entirely, there is a full-length documentary in the works: “Bezango, WA” – chronicling the art, history and lives of prominent Pacific Northwest cartoonists & comic artists. Among several famous cartoonists and big names, Kevin Boze and I were honored to be interviewed for this film.

Here is their Kickstarter Campaign. Head over to check it out, maybe help out, and watch a trailer in which we all appear. How cool is that? I can’t wait to see the finished production!


Percolating… finally, an ode to coffee!

It’s been brought to my attention recently that, though I’ve done quite a few tea-themed drawings, I still hadn’t made anything devoted to coffee (my true love, but don’t tell the tea!). So, here she is (thanks, Nichol!)!!

I know, I know  – anyone who owns a percolator knows that it is impossible to bathe in it, if only because of the pesky spout that lets water travel from the bottom to the top and makes it possible for coffee-creation to occur. Sadly. But by the magic of drawing, there! It’s happening! Coffee bath in a percolator!

I prefer the french press, but putting a girl in there sounded pretty sadistic, not to mention claustrophobic.

Also, I have a new printer!! After much procrastination and nailbiting, I decided on an Epson, for its ultrachromatic inks and large format. I can now print up to 13″ wide and virtually unlimitedly long (have to buy a roll of paper for something like that, though). Yay! 11×14″ prints will soon become standard in my shop, where you can pick up little coffee girl now!

Anywho. It’s time to make dinner – a hot pot, I think, full of meat and mushrooms and whatever veggies are hiding in the bottom of the fridge. Then I believe it’ll be time for another pot of coffee and a Borderlands 2 marathon. Hmmmm. Yes.

Song for today

Asaf Avidan & the Mojos – One Day  (Wankelmut Remix)

Momo keeping me company in the back of my chairMore shrinky-dink action!The wildflowers growing on our porchGot these in the mail a couple of days ago – Lumi Inkodye – sunlight-activated permanent dye, which can be used on cotton, silk or wood. My first experiment was rushed and careless, so I’ll let you know when I come out with a successful development! Any case, very cool stuff.   

All of my spare time is spent neck-deep in this novel.

Hello, Space Boy!

Here is #7 in the burlesque series so far – now to name him!

A Bevy of Blog headers!

A while back I created this super-fun blog header Justyn from Dunia Duara, so imagine my excitement at being asked to create individual page headers for the online contributions of her four kids! Soooooo awesome.

This one’s for the eldest, artist, sumi-e student, writer, bibliophile and origami enthusiast!

For the second eldest, musician, budding authoress, fan of sci-fi and fantasy literature – her family calls her “little bird.”

The boy of the group, solitary like my brother (strong, surviving three sisters!) – explorer, adventurer, wildlife biology buff and lego architect!

And last but not least, the baby – constantly dancing, fond of baby animals, flying, cooking, Paris, gelato, and have I mentioned – dancing?

This project was lots of fun because – now that I think about it – the kids remind me so much of my siblings, growing up. Two older girls, a boy and a baby girl, homeschooled, travelers, basically of the artsy-bookish-nerdy type.

I, of course, eldest, basically an antisocial hermit holed up in my room with books and colored pencils, Lara, supersmart bibliovore, long hair, guitar in hand, Shuki – the origami master in this case, animal trivia EXPERT, and Milli the baby, bubbly, happy, French-ish. Weird! And so much fun.