Latest sticker batch! Make your own!


I just whipped up a batch of new stickers from some recent sketchbook drawings. DIY stickers are super-easy to make – here are some quick n’ dirty instructions!

  • Draw your designs – this time I used micron pens and watercolor paint
  • Scan (or photograph if you don’t have a scanner)
  • Print onto sticker paper
  • Laminate (or, for you punk rockers you, use packing tape)
  • Cut out with scissors

You could also forgo the drawing/scanning/printing and make one-of-a-kind original stickers by drawing directly onto the sticker paper.

sticker 1 2

sticker 2 2

sticker 3 2

sticker 4 1

sticker 5 3

sticker 6 3

I’m working on some new inventory for an upcoming market: the Oddmall Emporium of the Weird show in Lynnwood, WA – on September 22nd. I’m checking the mail every day for some blank tote bags and t-shirts that will be decorated with houseflies, skulls and flowers in the near future. It’s going to be great!

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