Plumping up for winter (hibernation mode), AKA the winter habits of the work-at-home Artist


Yup, this is about the state of things in the home/studio lately. Except instead of berries, they’re chocolate-caramels and little puddles of coffee. Slightly more clothing is usually involved, and Downton Abbey has been playing in the background (along with some unhealthy hat envy).


Seriously. I’ll take them all, please.

I kid, I kid – it’s not that bad – I’m not quite that feral yet. Though lately, with the exception of my daily stroll to the post office I’ve been holing myself up from the grey, wet Seattle weather, and really settling into a hibernation of sorts. My daily ritual goes something like this:


Oh, sorry – not like that, like this:

  • cuddling
  • coffee
  • bath
  • email
  • music (pandora or or my small but treasured CD collection)
  • foraging for berries food
  • work (sketching, research, painting, post office run, getting distracted, finding myself staring off into space for embarrassingly long periods of time)
  • more coffee
  • {repeat last five steps, as often as necessary}
  • documentaries on le TV
  • reading (just finished Stiff, the Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach – awesome.)
  • cuddle cats
  • When N gets home, dinner and games {shooting skags, as you do}

So, that’s more or less my life lately – and, as Nick’s just walked in it’s time to move off of the list! What have you guys been doing lately?

10 thoughts on “Plumping up for winter (hibernation mode), AKA the winter habits of the work-at-home Artist

  1. Ughhh, I’m so jealoussss you’re a stay-at-home artist! D: I know you’re in half-hibernation stage right now, but you’re usually MAKESTUFFALLTHETIMERAAAGHHHH mode, so I don’t envy that part. Chloe and I have been cuddling a lot. Mostly because I am a cheapskate, and don’t turn on my heat. Heeee… she’s huddled under the covers near my ankles right now. And I’ve been drinking buckets and buckets of tea. Do you like fruity/herbal teas? I want to send you some. ❤ Oh yeah, and I've been watching Dexter and Big Bang Theory like there's no tomorrow. Diet just started on the first, so I foresee more going-to-gym times, and MUST-BE-PRODUCTIVE-TO-BE-A-CONTRIBUTING-MEMBER-OF-SOCIETY art times, so maybe my sleepy lazy hibernating bear routine is almost over? …only took me… 3 years or so to snap out of it. :{ Wish me luck!

    • Haha, I’ve also been working on taxes, which BELIEVE ME you wouldn’t envy! Chloe cuddles under covers?? My little ones won’t, but will sleep on top of the blankets on my feet in the mornings. Unfortunately they seem to have grown out of sleeping on my tummy or face. I do love fruity/herbal teas. I need to drink more of them to balance out my unhealthy obsession with coffee. I wish we lived closer to eachother, we could have little drawing/TV/staying warm parties all the time!

  2. I really dig these black/white/grey/red paintings you’ve been doing lately! And who knew that unshaven legs and hairy armpits could be so…adorable? LOL

    Believe me, I too am feelin’ the blues as a result of this gross Seattle weather. Although as of lately I’ve been combating it with a plethora of teas and lattes 8D (been slowly drifting away from coffee for some reason, although it’s probably just a phase ^_~)

  3. This is definitely how I feel on my at-home! I always have longs lists of things to do + create, but alas, Downton Abbey (and other TV treats) beckon. And coffee, and chocolate. So my days are similar, except with a lot less productivity. Speaking of feral girls who live on berries, have you seen the new Guillermo del Toro film Mama? There are some not so great things about it but aesthetically it’s very well done. Lots of moths, creepy shadows and yes, feral little girls. Lovely!

    • Oh! I just saw Mama two days ago! I wanted to like it so bad, and the flavor was good to start, so I think I agree completely with you. The dark moths, and the dirt, and the feral girls – so lovely! The end, not so much… :/

  4. Every time I look at her, I squeal at her adorable hairy limbs! :3

    Winter makes me want to hibernate, too: I live in PA, and the dreariness of January through March makes me want to eat loads of baked goods and tea, and never go outdoors. Ivy and I watch chubby little sparrows and squirrels on our balcony when I’m home drawing, and it’s pretty ideal. (Still have to go to work a few days a week, but it’s a greenhouse– so it’s usually warmer, and is getting greener every day!)

    • Aw, yay! Thank you! You get to go to a greenhouse for your job? That sounds wonderful – being around plants in cold weather makes such a big difference (mood-wise, for me at least), which is unfortunate because I pretty much have an anti-green thumb. I kill pretty much any plant I try to care for! 😦

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