Housefly Tea Towels!!

This morning’s project, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time: cover some towels with houseflies!! I ordered a pack of 12 flour sack cotton tea towels, and they arrived in the mail yesterday, so – I had to start today! Houseflies first… now I need to do some brainstorming to decide what should be printed next!

Step one: Draw design on rubber.

Step two: carve away everything but your design.

Step three: start printing! I used silkscreen ink (Speedball) and a little foam roller (you can find them at hardware supply stores), then used a hard rubber brayer to press the stamp down on the fabric. I believe you can also use acrylic – at least, when I get it on my clothes it seems to stay fine no matter how many times it’s washed.

Step four: let dry, then iron to set the ink.

Yay! Now all insects that happen to get inside will seem teeny in comparison!

Towels are up in the shop, here.

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