Eraser stamps!

Daiso, how I love you. Down in the International District across from Uwajimaya on the corner of 6th Ave S and S Lane St, it’s the local Japanese “100 yen” store. Like our dollar stores, it’s packed full of knicknacks and I can never leave without something little that I didn’t plan on getting… like this pack of erasers, for example, at which yesterday during the First Thursday artwalk I sat in my booth carving away to create new little stamps to decorate my envelopes. I think I need to go back and stock up!

I needed a “do not bend” stamp so I no longer have to write it out on everything. I also needed a centipede, housefly, flower, paintbrush/pencil, little girl and heart, planet, coffee cup, Kiki (the black cat) and Momo.

Here I am working on them at the show – photo taken by an awesome marketer of First Thursday Seattle.

Now to find other things I can stamp. Any of you create your own stamps? What have you decorated with them?

14 thoughts on “Eraser stamps!

  1. Hey Stasia i love your stamps. I have just brought some stuff to try and do my own stamps. Yours are soooooooo cute!

  2. I am totally in love with your drawings, you should organize an exhibit in Paris 😉
    Will you send your cute stamps on Etsy? The flie & the girl are my fave.

    • Aw man, that’d be a dream- to have an exhibit over where you live! I’ll likely do more stamps, and now that you’ve suggested it, maybe put some up on etsy! I’d been wanting a fly stamp for a while, so I’m happy you like it, too!

  3. I haven’t ever made stamps before, but I’m living in Japan now and there’s a Daiso nearby, so I’ll have to try it out. Not sure where to get a carving tool for it yet, but Daiso might have something useable…that store is amazing. Your stamps are the cutest!

    • Thanks, Sara – wow, I’m jealous of you being in Japan! How do you like it? I use a carving set I got back in college but a simple x-acto knife works just as well. I bet Daiso has one of those. Good luck!

      • I like it a lot! I live in a small town where people are friendly to foreigners. It’s doesn’t have much, but it’s only 30 minutes away from a big city with everything. No complaints~! Daiso probably does have something like an x-acto, thanks!

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