New painting – “chance encounter”

“Chance Encounter” – 9×10″, gouache on handmade paper.

Another exercise with my fear of (or rather, impatience with) paint – I want to love you, dear squishy wet pasty colorful stuff – but our relationship has always been so shallow – not nearly what I have with graphite or ink. Dear paint, you’re still so mysterious to me.

I’m back home from a week-long trip back to Montana, visiting family, playing lots of board games, watching lots of tv, target-shooting, swimming at the lake, and getting pretty much eaten alive by mosquitoes. Now it’s back home, and back to work!

I’m getting ready for the next show: RAW: Natural Born Artists “Radiate” – a curated collection of art: 2D, 3D, music, fashion, makeup and more happening at Seattle’s Trinity (111 Yesler Way) on August 18th from 8-10:30pm. Tickets are $10.

View my profile and buy tickets here!



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