2 new pieces: Burn, Droop

Burn, 18×24″, pencil, ink, watercolor and fabric

I’m experimenting with something new here: involving a lighter and the bathtub (safest place I’d figured, but it definitely stunk up the apartment for a few hours!). I don’t have any pictures of the first trial, as I basically destroyed it – learning to control the flame to get just the right burnt edge is tricky! Hopefully my future trials will be more successful.

Years ago I’d make treasure maps, stain them in tea, wet, tear and burn the edges to get them all “authentic” looking, but this is the first time I’ve tried burning watercolor paper. So much glue, and paint! Hmm. Stinky.

Taking a flame to the underside of the paintings is fascinating to watch: the peach-painted skin turns first yellow, then purple – I was amazed at how much it looks like bruising! It only lasts for a few seconds, though, as it all turns to black and smoke.

Droop, same size and tools

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