Shy eyes look away!

Whew! Just completed five new pieces to submit to this year’s Seattle Erotic Art Festival. This year being their 10th anniversary, they’ll be bringing back several past artists and features (including the Virgin Project – yay) – and extending the event to span two weekends.

I wanted to create something really special this time around, and go with large, flowery, un-cartoony sexy drawings. Here are some pictures of the process, and detail shots. Currently called the “blush” series.

First step: research – super time consuming, you have no idea!

Second, cut LOADS of flowers,

Third: pencil drawing

This one is #5, which I wrapped up last night.

Fourth: watercolor, then ink for the hair

Fifth: place flowers, then glue down!

(Blush 1)

(Blush 2)

(Blush 3)

(Blush 4)

The next step will be finding suitable framing. I’m really hoping for shallow shadowboxes so I can float the drawings just so. I’ll keep you posted!

In other news, 10 days until the first day of spring!! And my turning 26! Yay!!

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