ACEOs and happy holiday week!!

These are so much fun to create while listening to crime documentaries and drinking way too much coffee while the kitties are trying to eat my paints.

Left to right, top to bottom: the Red Room, Sprout, Crossed Legs, Two Pussy… Cats, Rain Eater, Porcelain Legs, Demeter, Teabagged and Inversion.

Yum, yum yum!

All up in the etsy shop now.

Due to sludgy weather it’s looking like our Thanksgiving drive to Spokane may be cancelled, leaving us at home to cook our first EVER Thanksgiving meal just with the two (five, including the babies pets) of us. I think maybe just a vat of stuffing will be enough… with gravy… oh, and pie – whipped cream and wine… oh shoot, I like it all. But mostly stuffing. YUM.

The etsy shop will be having a black Friday weekend sale this Friday-thru-Monday where there will be free shipping on everything, plus surprise gifts in every package! I’m trying to take care of most of my holiday gifting on etsy this year – that way I can stay home and avoid the crazy mall crowd. 🙂 Have a fantastic holiday week, everyone!! Eat too much, cuddle and stay warm!

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