the Healer

Today’s drawing, getting in the spirit for witching season:

Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll have a booth at the Second Saturday Central District Artwalk, from 1-5pm at 23rd Ave. & E. Cherry St.

Yay! This weekend’s going to be beautiful!

5 thoughts on “the Healer

  1. I really love this one! It has a really rich atmosphere, and the smoke along the sides is just gorgeous. I’m so jealous of your skillz! I love all of your work, but this one is really speaking to me. 🙂

  2. She’s lovely! I’m smitten with the twigs in her hair : ) I like the effect of the soft/smoky ink too.

    The witching season is really my favourite time of year. We were out in the country yesterday, outside of Montreal, and though the trees have not yet turned you can see the odd orange shimmer in there and I know one day soon autumn will explode. I love it!

    I hope your booth went well!

  3. Thank you – it’s my favorite season too – leaves here are just starting to change, and I can’t wait for things to crackle under my feet. The booth went pretty well, probably thanks to your good wishes. 🙂

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