Custom drawings for someone special

A while back I received a box from Hawaii containing seven beautiful little pewter frames, and a request for some custom artwork to fill them, with full creative freedom. Yay!! The frames have been laying around the studio, waiting to be used, and just this week I got around to creating work for five of them:

And here they are in their wonderful frames:

I do custom artwork on occasion, but this project has been loads of fun because of the freedom I was given in choosing the subject matter. This quaint little lady is someone’s gangster granny:

This girl and her chameleon are going to elope one day: they’re so happy together!

And this little princess is super stubborn: arms and legs crossed. She’s surrounded with juniper berries, because she loves the smell of gin.

This is a great exercise for coming up with things to draw: have a frame empty and waiting, preferably and old and interesting one, and draw up the first idea you have, and fill it. It’s very fun, and very fulfilling. Give it a try! Oh, and thank you, thank you, Anne.

2 thoughts on “Custom drawings for someone special

  1. Love these – they are so cute and the tattoos are gorgeous! I’m definitely giving this a go when I get back from my travels 🙂 The plaited-hair girl and lady with the up-do both look great too!

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