Print Studio!

Home this week has suddenly become a printing studio! I’ve been wanting to make patches for ages, but after a couple frustrating, ego-shattering trials with photo-emulsion screenprinting (embarassing because I supposedly went to school for this sort of thing), and some ruined screens, I decided to move onto block printing, which has been working much better.

A dumpster-salvaged dishwasher rack makes a pretty nice drying tray!

As I don’t have a press, I use a Japanese bamboo baren, which at about $6 is perfect.

Aside from patches, there will soon be an army of little sewn-bound sketchbooks! You can never have too many!

7 thoughts on “Print Studio!

  1. Ooooh, I love printmaking! Can’t wait to get back to university to do more!
    … And I love seeing your printmaking work. Do you use water or oil based ink for home printing? Just wondering ’cause I’d love to start home printing once I move out!
    Looove all of the work here!

    • I’ve been using oil, mostly because I love the smell of it, and the texture, but it’s so hard to clean up! I’ve been getting paint everywhere! I think I’ll try more water-based inks soon, and I’ve been meaning to give fabric paint a try too, but I need a fuzzy roller for that. 🙂 Thank you!

    • I thought of Tibetan prayer flags, also. It’d be fun to make your own version of them, in bright and exciting colors! The dishwasher rack was a lucky idea; we’d actually salvaged a couple of them without having any idea of what to do with them – mostly they were toys for our cat to bat at, so I’m glad I found a use for them. Thanks!

  2. Those look fantastic! I thought of flags too : ) or bunting maybe. Definitely festive! I love that wood-cut style (are those blocks of wood? lino? I can’t tell) – gorgeous!

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