sketchbook lately

I love seeing other peoples’ sketchbooks. Moreso, most of the time, than the finished artwork that’s worked over, polished, and hung on a wall for display. Sketchbooks are where all the guts are spilled, where the messy, unresolved and premature thoughts are slopped out and swirled around. I’ve been pretty lazy with the sketchbook, lately, more focused on creating work on nice paper with nice materials. This is such a mind-trap, though, going into creating a piece with those constraints. I admire the dedication some people have with their notebooks, carefully composing and constructing each page – and at the same time, I admire those who treat their books with no pretense whatsoever and aren’t afraid to dirty the pages. My work isn’t quite either – I still have lots of work to do.

4 thoughts on “sketchbook lately

  1. cute drawings! They’re interesting on the squared paper…
    And… I think I agree, I love seeing the artist’s process and ideas coming together 🙂
    This blog post reminds me not to neglect my own sketchbook… I haven’t drawn in there in a while because I’ve been consumed by hectic job … but maybe I should just carry it around everywhere and scribble away when there’s a spare 5 min!

    Would love to see more 🙂

    • Thank you! These sketchbook posts really are for other artists – and I’d love to see more of your creative process, too! It’s mostly seeing other people’s sketches that shames me into working more myself. 😉

  2. I really, really adore your work. I love seeing people’s private sketchbooks as well and think these pieces are beautiful – so full of emotion and movement! Thank you for letting us peek into your sketchbook!

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