On the subject of cups

Today’s drawing, pencil and ink, ready for digital coloring. Sometimes this is what I feel like, especially when at home and working… making full pots of coffee or tea for one person, then drinking so much that you feel like you’re swimming in it… ahem…

An elaboration on this older drawing:

Besides being an ode to hot beverages, I’m trying to illustrate my love of ceramics and the allure of 50 cent mugs at thrift stores. Oh, and I’ve also been watching those TV shows about hoarders.

I’ve only ever been able to actually make mugs during school for one semester, and it was one studio I’d return to at night to toil away on little piles of miniature cups, and teapots. (This is me, when I had long hair and, consequently an ever-present topknot).

See? Too many!

I also use them for painting, which is a trick as I’m usually drinking coffee at the same time and often end up dipping the brush in my drink. This may be a reason I don’t paint in oils.

3 thoughts on “On the subject of cups

  1. It’s getting cold here in Australia and I’m always having endless mugs of tea! One day I’d love to do a ceramics course and throw some pots but I have a feeling I wouldn’t be very good at it, sculpture has never been my strong point.

    • I drink coffee and tea even in the summer, almost to a fault. But there is nothing better than hot liquid when it’s cold outside! About ceramics… sculpture isn’t my forte either, but throwing on the wheel I learned is actually in a way a very two-dimensional process, as you’re really dealing with only a cross-section of a piece at a time. And then, afterwards of course you can doodle or texture the thrown object. You really should try it!

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