Ready for a city sticker run!

  • draw (pencil and watercolor)
  • scan
  • print on self-stick paper
  • laminate
  • cut
  • stick!

“Long Legs”: I remember, while still a “kid”, examining my limbs and being in shock of how my body seemed to be growing ahead of me: thinking these legs were too long to actually be mine… so, that’s what this is about.

I was also thinking about body dysmorphic disorder; while usually associated with eating disorders and low self-esteem – and, as a disorder, being negative. Not being a psychologist, I’m unsure whether there is a variation on body dysmorphia that is not so overtly harmful – merely, an incongruity between one’s self-image and what others agree is reality. For example, thinking your arms are long enough to entirely wrap around someone else.


“Missing You”

These stickers are now in the etsy shop!

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