Time lapse drawing: Bleed

Song is Radiohead’s Reckoner.

Steps: pencil, black ink, erase, watercolors, wet the paper, drip paint, draw in petals and flowers.

I was thinking of lots of things with this one: the initial idea was that of holding something so tight – in this case imagine an excruciatingly cute little palm-sized creature – so tight – that you crush it. Gross, right? But then in the sketching phase instead of clasping her hands together I had her form two separate fists, so this no longer works unless she was holding two (!) excruciatingly cute little critters. So, basically, this piece is about desire, and pain; wanting something so bad that you actually destroy it.

The title, “Bleed”, references both the pink trickle down her arms, and the painting process of wet-on-wet watercolors, literally dripping ink onto the paper and watching the colors run.

Also thinking of the lyrics to Gravenhurst’s Black Holes in the Sand.

Coming back to the drawing after taking a break, it occurs to me that it also looks as if she just dominated in a street fight, which uh, works for me too and is equally bad-ass. This girl can beat you up sitting down! The fist is such a charged gesture.

2 thoughts on “Time lapse drawing: Bleed

  1. When I saw the bleeding hands, it reminds me of my day today – I got a bleeding hand from scratching the ice from the front shield at the beginning and while refueling at the end. Now, reading the description about it, you might be right. It all happened just because I wanted to have some beautiful chairs LOL

    Thank you for sharing the making process! I really love your work.

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