Tiny Frame Jewelry!

My long awaited little antique bronze/brass frames and glass cabochons arrived in the mail yesterday!

Checking the mail is one of my current favorite things; I’ve been waiting for these for weeks! I’ve been printing, cutting, gluing and constructing like crazy since, making heavy little pendants and brooches. I’m thrilled with how they’re turning out! I’ve been using 3D crystal lacquer as a fixative for the little prints, and then to attach the glass, and it’s been working beautifully. Previously I’ve tried using it as a sealant in place of the glass, and though it looked pretty, it did tend to bubble and it isn’t nearly as durable and doesn’t have the same satisfying weight as the glass.

Brooches (or broaches, if you prefer)! They always make me think of turn-of-the-century, high-collared full dresses, muffs, and hair in buns. I love brooches! I need to make a point of wearing them more often.

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