Concerning the Idea of Evil

or, “Concerning the Idea of Evil”
A variation on the three wise monkeys theme (hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil), except I think these monkeys have it wrong.
Choosing to block out and ignore “evil” is far less helpful than having open eyes and ears, being able to take in the pain of the world, understand, and grow. The one thing we can control is our words, our voices.

Also, there’s no such thing as evil.

2 thoughts on “Concerning the Idea of Evil

  1. Happy New Year Stasia. How have you been? I love the concept of your new illustrations. You have really hit on the problem that people do close their eyes, ears and mouths to the real things that go on in this world, as people are too scared to really see how things are, but it is only by opening up and waking up to what is really going on that you can better yourself and help others around you.

    p.s I have also been working on paintings myself, would love to email you a photo of them to see what you think. All thanks to your inspiration you have given me.xx

    • I would love to see your work. Email me at stasia.yb (at); I really look forward to seeing what you’re doing – happy new year to you, too!
      It’s good to hear that these pieces strike some resonance with you, as the philosophy is important to me.

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