my favorite contemporary artists (a few)

Isabelle Arsenault Canadian children’s book and cover illustrator, Isabelle has an incredible body of mixed-media work, skillfully blending together pencil, oils, and photographs. Her drawings of little girls are very cute and lively, and her color choices (mostly grays, reds and oranges) are very striking. I’m in love.

Anne-Julie Aubry

From the south of France, Anne-Julie’s gallery is full of dark fairy-tale material, beautiful subtle textures and colors. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how her work is created. More and more I’m finding the traditional and digital overlapping and that confusion between mediums is really satisfying. Aubry illustrates kid’s books, magazines, and creates all sorts of little craft objects.

Amy Sol
Though gaggishly cute and sweet, Amy’s desaturated color palate keeps her work digestable, and I can’t stand how pretty her pieces are. Done in acrylic on wood panels, Amy pulls out all the tricks: panda bears, unicorns, kittens and koalas. KOALAS! Has she no shame? Damnnit, this girl is good.

Sam Weber

Forgive me as I gush. Mr. Weber is my current obsession. I love everything about the work: the colors, the line quality, the textures, the subject matter, the mind-blowing attention to detail. Sam also originates from Canada, cementing my conviction that Canada is THE new fertile art ground.

Eriko Hata

I stumbled across Eriko’s work only yesterday, and was alarmed at the similarity of subject matter and composition to what I’ve been doing lately. Unfortunately, my inability to read Japanese is currently preventing me from finding out more about her work. Like Amy Sol, Eriko also works directly on wood paneling. Her color palate is also very limited.

Louise Richardson

Fine artist Louise’s work has really sticken me lately. Her materials, presentation and storytelling make for a very heavy, emotional dialoge with the viewer. I’m reminded of Kiki Smith’s sculpture work.

Some of the common threads I keep noticing are: the subtle yet harsh grays and reds color palate, the feminine girlish figure, rich textures, insects, hair, stars, flowers, petals, fabrics, fairytales.

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