this week

Well, I’ve been adding butterflies somewhat sporadically to this piece; I don’t know when there will be enough. I checked out a massive photographic dictionary of butterflies from all over the world, and the variety is mind-boggling.

I’ll be adding more partial butterfly corpses near the bottom.

In other news, I sold a painting!! I feel like a bona fide artiste! Notice my clever use of monochrome to disguise the fact that I’m awful at mixing colors in oil!

I sanded and oiled seven frames – three to go – bought the glass, cut myself of course, and framed some pieces – and this is the result. This drawing was actually the second one I did in this vein, but as of yet this is the only picture I have of it. New this week are these two pieces:

I made a little signature stamp!
So far we’ve had three guest critics in studio, which is great but confusing at the same time. I feel like I could still have so much more control over what I am doing.

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