scones and a studio space!

First and most importantly, this morning I got up to bake scones! I got the recipe from wineguyworld… and the process involved grating frozen butter! This was pretty exciting, as I had an enormous pile of cute little curly butter shavings. Think of the possibilities! Anyway, despite smoking up the entire apartment from baking them a minute too long, these turned out amazingly.
On another note, I was admiring my studio today:This is my first semester in an “actual” studio space, which I was really excited about, even if it is just a corner in the basement of a dying building in the middle of Idaho. It’s a little on the dreary side, but seeing as my favorite color has been grey for some time now I should have foreseen this. Here are some experiments and works-in-progress.

(Notice the flagrant use of my recent obsession with mayflies)

I’ve started experimenting with drawing on raw fabric, pinned up a few yards on the wall and am enjoying it so far. I’m thinking about ordering a roll of printmaking paper from Daniel Smith as well, as soon as I can justify the cost, because I can only imagine how luxurious a piece of paper that large would be.

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