This blog is a dedication to the quest for our definition of beauty.
Posting will probably be sporadic, but the plan is to collect and refine, to document and to revere.

I am an art student focusing my thesis work on the nuances of the idea of wabi-sabi – something I know next to nothing about but am seeking to get a handle on. I know what I’m attracted to, I know that when my heart speeds up at the sight/sound/taste/feeling I want to be able to pin down the why, and maybe I can find others to help me out with this.

“Wabi sabi encompasses an almost childlike fascination with the natural world. This idealism allows one to delight in anything and everything, from the subtle color change of a wet rock to a twisted piece of driftwood. Humility of heart brings modesty of choice. Can anything be more beautiful than the fragile and humble beauty of a bird’s nest?” -James Crowly, Wabi Sabi Style

What strikes me in the study of beauty, of wabi-sabi, of wisdom, is the cold seriousness with which we associate all these things. Life can be really funny, full of surprises, full of poignancy. Often we are just too busy to appreciate this.

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